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Key factors affecting non-standard automation equipment


Key factors affecting non-standard automation equipment

Which of the brands we often talk about is of good quality, durable, etc. The quality is very good with the quality control. In the non-standard automation equipment industry, because of the non-standard special attributes, design, production, and technology are three. Points are the key factors that affect their quality.
Non-standard automation equipment
       A large part of the after-sales service of non-standard automation equipment is caused by the quality of the equipment itself, and these quality problems are mainly from design and manufacture. The DFM report in the design and development stage did not confirm the use feasibility and manufacturing communication confirmation with the customer. Often, due to differences and misunderstandings in communication, the equipment has quality hazards in the design and development segment. The man-made negligence and skill difference in manufacturing, the cumulative error of each process, the mistakes in process layout, the level of manufacturing hardware, etc. are the poor quality of the equipment in the manufacturing process. Inspection and testing are the final quality inspection process and quality process control before the equipment leaves the factory. In short, the bad equipment cannot be flowed to the customer. The quality of the equipment is determined by the quality of the after-sales service and the speed and cost of the work.

       Non-standard equipment sold to customers should assist customers in cultivating operation and maintenance technicians. First, protect customers to reasonably regulate the safe use of equipment and routinely maintain equipment, extend equipment life and reduce equipment failure rate. Second, the equipment failure or the replacement of wearing parts can be solved by the customer, improve the timeliness of problem handling, and reduce the cost of after-sales service.

       After-sales service is an extension of sales, after-sales is to solve the problem, so the technical ability is strong, the knowledge should be broad, and can be independent. Because of the special nature of its position, given a certain flexible power, it is necessary to formulate effective control of the scientific system, so that outstanding people are better, and unqualified people can be eliminated early, in order to prevent bad money from driving good money, and to ensure the overall quality level of the after-sales team. excellent.

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